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Friday, 15 September 2017

Nanjing Became the largest power automation industrial base in China

Recently, China State Grid Nanjing Automation Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "guodian south") investment 1. The first phase of Jiangning science and technology park, which has been constructed by 400 million yuan, has been put into operation, and the characteristic industry of Nanjing electric power automation has been pushed to the front desk again. It is reported, as since the ranks, south red coverage and rapid growth of the power backbone enterprises, following a highly competitive advantage of industry cluster has been formed in Nanjing, Nanjing is becoming the nation's largest electric power automation industry base.

The domestic market share is more than 80%

In the field of electric power automation, Nanjing has obvious competitive advantage, especially in relay protection, substation automation, power system, MIS and other project is a national leader, domestic market share of 80% or more. In foreign markets, Nanjing electric power automation industry also occupies a place, successively awarded Pakistan nuclear power project, Nepal capital city power grid project, Malaysia thermal power project, etc.

Based on the market position, the state ministry of science and technology more than half a month ago officially awarded title of "national electric power industry base" jiangning area, nanjing, at the same time, the south, the bartender, guodian south from mainland, neusoft Jin Zhi, CLP, dongda electric companies have been approved for the base of the first batch of backbone enterprises.

To generate an industrial chain with annual output of ten billion yuan

Guodian, head of the south since the nanjing daily reporter interview, the nanjing electric power automation in addition to several leading enterprises, there are 30 or so small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the industry, formed the obvious market division of labor. In relay protection, for example, since the ranks, south red after confirmed big companies such as the main production of more than 220 kv, 35 kv and below is basically some small and medium-sized enterprises in the production, add up the annual sales revenue of large and small enterprises, more than 50 one hundred million yuan, of which light since the ranks, south the bartender was contributed more than 90%.

More significantly, the cluster of these enterprises has also led to the development of its upstream and downstream industries. For example, the phoenix company in jiangning produces a pair of terminals for the power automation products. According to the incomplete statistics of relevant departments, if the output value of this piece is added, the output value of the entire industrial chain of nanjing electric power automation will reach ten billion yuan.

Core technology achievement "hegemonic" position

Nanjing is not but the automation industry production base, are also important research and development base, holds the industry development at the core of cutting-edge technology, thus achievement of nanjing "overlord" position in the field.

It is understood that these are quite a number of core technologies to fill the domestic blank, such as the first set of transistor circuit relay protection, the first set of digital integrated movement device, the first complete with 500 kv substation, transformer, bus and reactor static protection device, such as the first set of digital line protection device, the first set of microcomputer protection device for 600000 mw and below unit, the first set of distribution of distributed integrated substation automation system, the first set of USES the 32-bit computer digital line protection device, etc., are all "made in Nanjing".