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Tuesday, 07 March 2017

China's Fiber Optic Industry Rising

In the past 5 years of development, expansion of optical fiber industry in China to nearly 400%, accounting for 42% of global market, the Chinese market in the global optical fiber occupy a pivotal position in the market. At the same time, also a comprehensive breakthrough core technology, expanding to the industrial chain of upstream. Balefire communication introduce to the peak, vice President of the bear, due to the large-scale construction FTTx and 3 g network, stimulated the rapid rise of the domestic optical fiber industry, light sticks, optical fiber, optical cable industry system has been gradually perfected.

Domestic enterprises accounted for half the world's top 10 spots

From CRU, according to data from the world's top ten enterprises in successive years of change, China faces more and more, in the current market share of the top 10 firms have five Chinese companies, including yofc accounted for 6.4%, 6.1%, balefire communication fortis 4.5%, 4.1%, prosper photoelectric zhongtian technology 3.8%. From the perspective of a domestic industry development, the industry collectivization, the whole industry chain layout and further speed up the pace.

Bears to the peak, points out that from the point of the global market, the entire optical fiber demand growth, at the same time the capacity of the fiber is a trend of rapid growth, in 2012 is expected to start a new round of release, the biggest influence in China.

From the point of the price movements of optical fiber, as a result of the Japanese earthquake effect of earlier this year, and raw material prices make optical fiber preform, delayed the fiber price decline, with China's further release, however, it will be hard to stop cost fiber prices continued to decline in line.

Internationalization is imminent

Look at domestic cable enterprise development, is still rooted in the domestic market, mainly in industrial clusters in jiangsu, hubei industrial clusters and industrial clusters in sichuan, zhejiang industrial clusters, guangdong industrial clusters is given priority to, in the development of fiber industry background, the domestic enterprises to enter the overseas market is the necessary way of development. Bear to peak further pointed out that compared with the overseas counterparts, the domestic enterprise market ability is weak, including brand, market expansion and development cost, satisfy the customer, the layout of the lack of long-term, it is difficult to compete with overseas enterprise, from the aspects of implementation capability, however, domestic enterprises have the overseas development strength, from design, manufacturing, delivery and quality to cost, efficiency, already have a certain ability to export, especially in the manufacturing and cost, domestic companies have greater advantages.