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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Opportunities or challenges: Industrial IOT to Ethernet

Industry is an important application field of Internet of things. Based on Internet of things intelligent industrial model a new upsurge of current industrial development, so the formation of the industrial iot network has been continuously developing and perfecting. At present, although the proprietary communication protocol has been applied to industrial iot network communication medium and long term dominance, but the increasing ability of networking and the Internet network of high bandwidth requirements, has made Ethernet to replace traditional communication protocol the upgrade path of least resistance.


Ethernet and TCP/IP communication technology was a great success in the IT industry, IT industry applications become the preferred network communication technology. In recent years, due to the international fieldbus standardization work did not reach ideal results, Ethernet and TCP/IP technology is gradually applied in the industrial automation, and become a trend.


The application of Ethernet in industrial automation should be divided into two aspects, or two levels. Is a factory automation technology combined with IT technology, combined with Internet Internet technology, become the future possible manufacturing electronic commerce technology, network manufacturing technology. Most experts on automation technology the development trend of positive evaluation. Another aspect, namely can Ethernet in industrial process control the underlying control engineering net all rights reserved, namely equipment layer or field widely used? Can be even replace the existing fieldbus technology become a unified standard industrial iot network? These problems is the current automation industry experts are hotly debated.


In order to fully meet these requirements, the evolution of the next generation of Ethernet technology must be developed, and provide native support for the following three key features:


1) reliability and performance


2) accurate timing and synchronization


3) security


We will focus on why the function is indispensable, and how they will help for future industrial Ethernet Internet network will face some of the major challenges.


A risk game: industrial iot network for reliability and performance


On the industry of Internet of things, the use of autonomy, reciprocity (peer - to - peer) distribution control, far more demanding than any consumer Internet of things. Data acquisition, recording and analysis of continuous and real-time. Use be able to deal with the task more quickly than human systems and control engineering net all rights reserved, without human intervention, reliable and safe operation is essential. Warehouse material handling equipment, for example, perceived moving along the conveyor belt of the parcel. It through the RFID tags or bar codes to identify the material, and based on the information corresponding to guide the conveyor belt material to the next article. Communication failure could potentially lead to increase cost or threat of the risk of personnel safety.