IEC-61850 Gateways

IEC-60870-5 (IEC101,IEC102,IEC103,IEC104) Protocol Gateways

IEC101/102/103/104 Conversion Gateway

BUE-801 series IEC-60870 Gateways can provides both industrial communication device and solution of the whole industrial automation system,which plays more important roles in industrial control and automation,especially in the substation automation.The IEC-60870 sub protocols can communicate with each other,eg. The BUE-801 supports IEC101 to IEC102,IEC101 to IEC103,IEC101 to IEC104,IEC102 to IEC103,IEC102 to IEC104,IEC103 to IEC104, IEC101 to Modbus RTU/TCP,IEC102 to Modbus RTU/TCP,IEC103 to Modbus RTU/TCP, IEC104 to Modbus RTU/TCP and IEC101/102/103/104 to IEC61850 and other substation communication protocols.

1.Communication function:

Protocol conversion:

Standard protocols that BUE-801 support: UCA2,OPC,TCP/IP, Serial, DNP3,OPC, Modbus RTU/TCP, IEC60870-5 series(IEC101,IEC102,IEC103,IEC104), IEC61850(Our IEC61850 Can work as server or client)

Non-standard protocol: DC screen,power meter,safety equipments.The different protocols of data can convert with each other in the BUE-801
Data processing:

Digital processing: signal acquisition & transmission,anti-shake,singnal maintenance, timing alarm, quality judgment.
Analog processing: multiplication coefficient, residual cleared, anti-mutation, quality judgment,etc.

Point table custom and information split:

In the BUE-801 system it provides different data forwarding point tables,different channels’ protocol  can forward and each uses different data forwarding table. The same data can be submitted to the upper machine in the form of different value.

Dual channel processing:

BUE-801 Supports the system with dual channel mode and the upper machine communication, including fully redundant dual channel way, communication link redundancy, main equipment and so on.

Measuring point self description:

BUE-801 supports self description of data point, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

2.Advanced application:

Data calculation:

BUE-801 provides standard calculation formula and take the processing of data in the way of  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic judgment (including greater than, less than, equal to, is not equal to, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, logic and logic, logic or, not), sine, cosine, square root, take maximum, minimum, average calculation.

Equipment automatic control can be set up:

BUE-801 provides the setting of basic control logic, timing or logical calculation according to the real-time data of on-site equipment start-stop switch quantity control and analog control, such as temperature, pressure, etc.

Advanced equipment control integration

3.Management function:

Debugging management:

BUE-801 provides all kinds of debugging methods and management, including remote debugging, intelligent device simulation, data simulation, control block, data browsing, message and debugging information monitoring, message storage and playback, flow rate and bit error rate statistics.

Equipment management:

Equipment management functions includes: remote diagnosis and maintenance, hardware watchdog, custom information indicator, main standby switch management etc.

Time synchronization:

BUE-801 can receive the time code from time servers,it can synchronizes time in the format of IRIG-B and NTP/SNTP.

4.System feature:

Low latency: 5 to 50ms latency.

Strong data processing ability.

Reliable communication management

5. Technical specifications:
10/100MTCP/IP:  2-6 nos
RS422/232/485    4-16 nos
DI/DO   8 nos
LED lights:  8nos
Wireless(GPRS/Zigbee/wifi/BD)  1 nos

Maximum channels:200
Maximum digital number/channel: 65536
Maximum analog number/channel: 65536
Maximum electric degree/channel:   65536
Maximum output/channel: 65536
Maximum analog output/channel: 65536
Data forwarding base: 4
Minimum data processing lantency: 5ms
Time synchronization precision:<1ms(Hardware synchronization)

Technical specs

400Mhz Freescale MPC8308 CPU

128M DDR2 Memory

128M Nand Flash

2 Ethernet Ports

4 RS-232/485 Isolation Serial Ports

DIN-Rail Mount



Freescale MPC8308 PowerPC CPU,400MHz


DDR2 128M


8M Nor Flash

128M Nand Flash

Operating System




System:Power x1,RUN x1,

LAN:10/100/1000M x4(Link x2 Act x2)

Serial:TxD x4,RxD x4


RTC,Buzzer,Watchdog Timer,Reset button,Console Port x1

Serial Communication

Console Port

Console Port RJ45 connector x1

RS232 115200bps N,8,1

Serial Port

4 xRS-232/485 TB Interface connector


RS-232 Signals:TxD,RxD,GND

RS-485 Signals:485A(Data+),485B(Data-)


Built-in 15KV ESD protection for all signals, 2KV iCoupler digital isolation protection

Network Communication


Auto-sensing 10/100/1000Mbps x 2, RJ45

Build-in 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection

Power Requirements

Power Input

Dual Power Input Design

PWR1:9-48VDC or 9-48VAC

PWR2:9-48VDC or 9-48VAC

Lost power alarm

Relay empty node

Power Consumption








DIN-Rail Mount


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Regulatory Approvals and Warranty


GB/T 17626.2-2006 Class 4

GB/T 17626.4-2008 Class 4

GB/T 17626.5-2008 Class 4

GB/T 17626.6-2008 Class 3


5 Years


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