Difference of Industrial Ethernet and Commercial Grade

What is an industrial Ethernet switch:

In terms of performance, there is no difference between an industrial Ethernet switch and an ordinary switch. From the network level, there are two layer switches, and of course three layers of switches. Industrial Ethernet switches in the product design and components selection is to have cultured, it is an industrial field use demand, the machinery, such as climate, electromagnetic environment is relatively poor, still be able to work properly, so, often can be widely used in the condition is relatively harsh industrial production scene.

Exchange industrial grade and commercial grade two

Industrial Ethernet switches are different from regular switches

1 Components

Industrial Ethernet switch components are more demanding, and better suited to the requirements of industrial production sites.

2 Mechanical environment

Industrial Ethernet switches can better adapt to the harsh mechanical environment, including shock resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dust proof, water proof, etc.

3 Climate environment

Industrial Ethernet switches can better adapt to poor weather conditions, including temperature and humidity.

4 Electromagnetic environment

The industrial Ethernet switch has strong resistance to electromagnetic interference.

5 Working voltage

The industrial Ethernet switch has a wide range of working voltages, while ordinary switches have higher voltage requirements.

6 Power supply design

General switches are basically single-power supply, whereas industrial switch power supply is generally double power backup.

7 Installation mode

Industrial Ethernet switches can be installed with DIN guide, rack and other installation. General switches are usually rack and desktop.

8 Heat dissipation mode

Industrial Ethernet switches generally use a fanless heat, whereas the general switch is fan cooling