Life Span of Industrial Fiber Optic Converters

As contact with the personnel of optical fiber communication, to the service life of the optical transceiver is concerned about. How long is the service life of it?

Industrial-grade fiber optic converter as important optical fiber transmission equipment, in industrial grade fiber optic converter design, the choice of components of nations, it decides the performance of the product, life and cost. Its service life is mainly related to it of light module, the service life of the general in five years. Fiber optic transceivers use for a long time, five years of its main components light module because loss is too big, laser damage and cannot work normally.

Optical transceiver is generally used in Ethernet cable can't cover, optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance of actual network environment, at the same time help the last kilometer in the fiber optic lines connected to the man and the outer also played a big role in the network. So we need to choose when the choice products of good quality, stable industrial fiber optic transceivers.